In Spring 2018, the getting-together of previous bandmates along musicians who were looking to push the music “boundaries” of the existing metal scene in Athens, had as result the formation of SKYBINDER. 

Music-wise they are artfully combining modern metal riffage with a more classical approach, they provide proficiency by fully assimilating our influences (AS I LAY DAYING, Parkway Drive, Breakdown of Sanity ec) and then encapsulating the best components of the contemporary heavy sound, bringing to life a different element which was lacking from our local scene. 

In the summer of 2018, they hit the studio to record their self-financed debut album. Antonis, the guitarist, oversaw the production, mixing and mastering of the album and gave precious insight, resulting in a balanced outcome, where melody and ferocity seamlessly blend to create a robust and honest sound. 

Today, Skybinder are proud for the release of their album, titled "Trauma And Trial", on 20th July 20 2019. 

 "Trauma And Trial" deals with the process of healing, from the moment one gets hurt to the moment when they can stand back up on their feet. The album comes to fill a gap in the local music scene and offers a fresh “look” in an oversaturated genre. 

 Skybinder had the privilege to share the stage in Athens with bands such as Thy Art Is Murder, Oceans Ate Alaska, Pro-Pain and Polar. For 2020, they had 2 live shows in Greece with Polar and one with Above Us the Waves just before the lockdown started. They released 3 singles during the pandemic with the most recent Mirage in December!